The Use of Industrial Air Compressors in Agriculture and Pharmaceuticals
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The Use of Industrial Air Compressors in Agriculture and Pharmaceuticals
June 14, 2016

Beyond construction, industrial air compressors have found their way into a variety of applications. The agricultural and pharmaceutical industries have made use of air compressors for some of their processes, and have been able to automate and make these processes more efficient because of it. Below are just some of the ways air compressors have been able to aid in the agriculture and pharmaceutical sectors.

Agricultural Uses

In the field of agriculture, compressed air is used in various tasks such as a power source for the dairy machines, and as a ventilation system for the glasshouse. Pneumatic handling equipment is also powered by compressed air, conveyors that moved the grain going back and forth from silos are powered by air compressors and crops are easily sprayed with the help of compressed air. In manufacturing industries such as assembly plants, refineries, metal fabrication and plastics, more powerful type of air compressors are used to do certain operations. In production lines, air tools are operated by compressed air as well as the equipment used for welding and cutting. Much of automated machinery is powered by industrial air compressors, and as it has its place in automated processes, it has a familiar place in agricultural production as well. See Quincy's advice on using an air compressor on a farm.

Pharmaceutical Uses

For the pharmaceutical industry, conveyor systems here also depend on air compressors. Along the conveyor line, the spraying of coatings is made safer and with a higher degree of control through compressed air. Products are bottled and packaged with the help of air compressor machines and tanks that are used for storing and mixing are maintained at a certain pressure by compressed air. In food and beverage, products are easily cooled and frozen with industrial air compressors which are responsible in palleting and packing. Drinks and liquids use filling machines that also depend on air compressors. Many steps along a conveyor, along with the products’ storage rely on air compressors to provide power in even and controlled amounts.


No matter the industry, industrial air compressors have their importance. As reliable, controlled systems, air compressors are among the most widely used and most relied on industrial machines.

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