Why Electric Industrial Air Compressors Have Become Real Contenders
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Why Electric Industrial Air Compressors Have Become Real Contenders
Why Electric Industrial Air Compressors Have Become Real Contenders
June 20, 2018

Industrial air compressors are key parts in a production line. Powering conveyor belts to move material, powering tools essential for production and a myriad other uses means industrial air compressors are in operation for significant portions of the production shift.




We have spoken variously for the need to maintain and service industrial air compressors regularly – to keep them performing optimally and efficiently. Regular oil checks, filter cleaning and plugging air leaks are simple but extremely effective ways to ensure your industrial air compressors only use as much energy as must be.


Energy costs have raised another questions about industrial air compressors: should you opt for a fuel-powered compressor or an electric one. Used to be, electric air compressors, though more energy efficient per cfm of air flow, were simply not powerful enough to replace fuel-powered industrial air compressors. It meant they were confined to smaller operations and businesses.


Let’s be clear from the very off: if your compressor is going to be mounted to the back of a truck or will be mobile in its operation, it being fuel-powered is probably the best and most convenient solution for you. However, if your industrial air compressors will be occupying factory space and not be ‘mobile equipment’, the option of electric has become a lot more tempting.


Starting with capacity, save for the very highest performance slabs, electric industrial air compressors provide the same power output as their fuel-powered counterparts. Thus, the performance gulf is no longer a factor in decision-making.


What is a very notable factor is the cost of operation. Numerous calculations and studies have suggested that replacing your fuel-powered industrial air compressors with electric variants can yield between a two-thirds and halving of your energy costs.


The estimation above is indicative only of the cost of energy savings through operation; but there are a number of savings too. With far fewer moving parts (of the internal combustion engine) than a fuel-powered compressor, an electric air compressor requires less frequent maintenance and lesser maintenance too.


It is safer to operate as a result of a reduced chance of fuel spillage and exposure to exhaust gases. Industrial air compressors are also inherently safer for the workforce in close proximity, with lower operating temperatures, and make for a more pleasant work environment, with significantly reduced noise, vibration and harshness.

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