Save On Your Energy Budget: Use Your Quincy Air Compressors More Efficiently
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Save On Your Energy Budget: Use Your Quincy Air Compressors More Efficiently
Save On Your Energy Budget: Use Your Quincy Air Compressors More Efficiently
May 10, 2018

Quincy air compressors are some of the most popular air compressors in the market, across industries. Part of this is due to their wide variety of offerings: compressor types, capacities, portable and industrial. Quincy air compressors have also proven their mettle when it comes to dependable operation. It can, however, be argued that the same can be said of other air compressor manufacturers as well.




What, then, is it about Quincy air compressors that has captured the imagination so? Their emphasis on energy efficiency! Advancements like variable speed compressors, variable capacity control cut electricity costs significantly by producing compressed air to demand levels only. Their efforts have gone beyond air compressors, too, with ancillaries receiving attention to make the air compression process more efficient as a whole. And the company has innovated the Quincy Efficiency Quotient to educate on and disseminate efficiency best practices.


Here are a few more ways for you to run your Quincy air compressor more efficiently and reduce your energy costs:


Maintenance – This one is unexpected, but an air leak or a compressor running inefficiently either due to insufficient lubrication is an outright drain on your energy budget. Using quality hardware, well-maintained lines and regular service intervals for your Quincy air compressors will yield in maximum performance for the lowest energy consumption.


Supply side controller – A central supply side controller can manipulate a number of variables to ensure optimum compressed air generation. Select Quincy air compressors are equipped with their variable capacity control, which performs a similar role. A central supply controller can tune compressed air production to demand, rather than having the compressor run at peak performance all the time.


Optimize piping – The layout of the piping framework in a facility is a careful balance between hindrance to operations and efficient air pressure transmittance. Well-planned piping systems can reduce runs from the compressor; and envisaging compressed air demands can help tailor pipe diameters. Too long a run or too wide a pipe will have a tremendously negative impact on air pressure, requiring the compressor to be run for much longer periods.


Only required use –­ An audit of your compressed air usage will reveal a great deal about the existing demand for compressed air versus the actual need. Often, because of its availability, high pressure is used in situations when low (or lower) pressure air would suffice. Again, using compressed air for only those operations as it is necessary will lower the operating effort of your Quincy air compressors and reduce your electricity usage.

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