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Industrial Air Compressor Service – Air Energy
Industrial Air Compressor Service – Air Energy
February 20, 2018

Of all safety precautions in working with air compressors (or any other piece of equipment), the most important is wearing the appropriate protective gear when operating machinery and power tools.


To avoid any unwanted incidents of injury caused by breakdown or damage, proper maintenance can be scheduled with professional technicians. At Air Energy, we offer complete industrial air compressor service that can ensure safety in maintenance, repair and upkeep.


For equipment to function at its optimum level for as many years as possible, it should undergo regular cleaning and maintenance services. When hiring certified professionals to do this, you can expect a comprehensive report that ensures productivity and safety.


Industrial Air Compressor Service: The Proper Ways to Maintain Your Equipment


When conducting maintenance, you should also make sure to:


  • Lock open the machine’s electrical switch and tag it so it won’t be started on by mistake.
  • Prior to performing any industrial air compressor service, including maintenance, cleaning and lube work, all types of equipment, whether stationary or portable, must be disconnected from the power outlet.
  • Any part which is exposed, even if it does not carry electric currents, should be grounded.
  • When lubricating components, do not use oils with a low flash point. These lubricants can potentially ignite flames or lead to combustion because air compressors operate at high temperatures.
  • Lubrication of machine parts is important but do not over-lubricate, since it can result in corrosion; apply as needed only.
  • When components or tools are located directly outside the work facility, exhausts must be facing the opposite directions of the building’s openings such as doors, windows or air ducts.
  • It is safer to utilize a tower with lye-based water when cleaning carbon remnants from any parts of a deactivated air compressor. Never ever use a cloth saturated with anything flammable such as kerosene.
  • As part of the process, the air system must be purged after each cleanup.


Air compressors fueled with gas or diesel should only be run outdoors. All these measures are importantly when performing industrial air compressor service. Having regular maintenance is crucial, particularly in business applications where they are used frequently.


At Air Energy, we do our best to provide you a wide range options and reliable industrial air compressor service to help prolong the life of your valuable equipment. Our experienced team of professionals is always ready to repair any issues to keep your machines up and running smoothly.    

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