Comparing Quincy Air Compressors with Others
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Comparing Quincy Air Compressors with Others
Comparing Quincy Air Compressors with Others
May 30, 2017

For a shopkeeper on a budget, an air compressor is a major investment. It is important to survey the market for differing brands and models, as well as their pricing to find the best purchase available. Quincy air compressors have been in the market for quite some time and ranks among the best in its class. Satisfied customers have harked about its capacity against other market brands. Here are some of the qualities that make quincy air compressors the choice to make.


  1. Warranty. While Quincy air compressors come in a standard 60 gallon tank unit, so do many others in the market. What makes Quincy air compressors more cost effective is its known durability and the attendant warranty attached to each unit. One satisfied customer directly stated, “I was just looking again and realized I was comparing both 60 gallon units. The 60 gallon IR is single stage so you really need to compare IR's 80 gallon to Quincy's 60 gallon. In that case, the IR does look good but for $200 more you can get the Quincy with a better warranty and life expectancy.”
  2. Service Performance.  There have also been comparisons made against the service performance of Quincy air compressors and other market brands. These include its noise byproduct during operation as well, as its RPM capacity. As one customer put it, “Quincy is my choice. Some models run at 1750RPM not 3450 like most. This is much quieter. I have a old old one and you can talk right next to it without a problem air. Plus, the Quincy BLUE matches all MILLER WELDERS!”
  3. Durability. Another outstanding quality of Quincy air compressors compared to the competition is its durability. One satisfied customer posted, “(My choice is) Quincy! I've had mine for 12 years running daily in a commercial shop and never a hiccup.”

As can be seen, Quincy air compressors overpower their competitors, according to the actual buyers and users of its units.

I recently bought an air compressor from Air Energy - thank you for great service and quality!
Posted by: Jackie N. | June 6, 2017, 11:47 am
Interesting. Seems like Quincy air compressors seem like the preferable choice.
Posted by: Lola1 | May 30, 2017, 11:35 am
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