How To Maintain Your Industrial Air Compressors
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How To Maintain Your Industrial Air Compressors
How To Maintain Your Industrial Air Compressors
July 18, 2018


Air Energy is your partner in increasing efficiency and reducing downtime. The repair and maintenance of industrial air compressors can be drastically reduced if you keep a few things in mind:

  1. Make sure to tag the machine's electrical switch so it won't be started by mistake.
  2. Prior to performing any service or maintenance, disconnect all components from the power source. This is a question of safety for your staff and a reduced impact on your machine.
  3. Any part which is exposed, even if it does not carry electric currents, should always be grounded.
  4. When lubricating components, do not use oils with a low flash point. They can potentially ignite while the compressor is operating at a high temperature.

We’re happy to help you maintain your air compressor in top shape – give us call today to set up a consultation or request a quote!

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