Industrial Air Compressor Accessories — The Importance of Hoses
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Industrial Air Compressor Accessories — The Importance of Hoses
Industrial Air Compressor Accessories — The Importance of Hoses
August 13, 2018

Hoses are among the most common industrial air compressor accessories, in no small part because of the fact that many compression machines are simply sold with hoses as part of the package. Despite this, many find that they need secondary and even tertiary hoses for further applications, simply because of the sheer importance of this accessory to the hardware.


Of course, the hose has only one very simple, albeit crucial, application: it connects the air compressor to the item being powered, acting as a conduit for the compressed air. Multiple hoses tend to be wise investments for this reason.


This is especially true in environments where you need your compressor to operate in high-stress or high-heat environments; generally speaking, you’ll want to use a hose specifically designed to withstand these environments. Other times, the hose is simply an issue of length — it is either not long enough for its intended application, or it is too long, leaving a lengthy, tangled mess around the room, which can be tripped over, tied up, or otherwise become prone to damages that negatively impact its lifespan.


This can lead to the hoses leaking air, which can cost thousands of dollars per year! While we do offer air leak detection services, to help avoid this exact scenario, you can certainly go a long way towards avoiding the issue with the right hose working alongside your compressor.




Whether you need a brand new machine or just some industrial air compressor accessories, Air Energy is a good place to start. Our inventories are extensive, and our experts are more than ready to help you find exactly the machine, hose, and accessories, that will best benefit your industrial needs. Feel free to contact us anytime to learn more!

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