Variable Speed Motors on Quincy Air Compressors
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Variable Speed Motors on Quincy Air Compressors
Variable Speed Motors on Quincy Air Compressors
August 29, 2018

At Air Energy, we are proud providers of air compressors from Quincy, the leading brand in the industry. Our Quincy air compressors are designed with maximum efficiency in mind. Many of the machines from this brand are designed with variable speed drives, which will go a long way towards improving the day-to-day operations where single air compressors are powering multiple elements of production.




The variable speed drive that Quincy air compressors use are capable of automatically adjusting their motors’ speeds based on its current application. Typically, multi-application air compressors run into one of two primary issues: either the compressor consumes far too much energy to match the needs of its most demanding task, or it runs for too long, consuming not enough energy to complete its most demanding tasks in a reasonable amount of time. In both cases, energy consumption will become a costly problem in the long run.


Precision is a significant benefit in any production line. The ability to accurately control power and energy consumption in any industrial environment translates into saving costs and boosting efficiency, and these are benefits available from many of the Quincy air compressors available from Air Energy.


In the past, Quincy air compressors equipped with variable speed motors have successfully reduced energy costs by more than 50% for operating businesses, while offering benefits to usability and convenience at the same time.


If you’re interested in an air compressor with a variable speed motor for multi-application use, you can contact Air Energy at any time through our phone number or contact page! We distribute Quincy-brand industrial air compressors across North America, based on the unique needs of your business. Rest assured that the compressor you order from us will be exactly the one you need — contact us today to begin the process!

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