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Industrial Air Compressor Parts - Air Receivers
Industrial Air Compressor Parts - Air Receivers
November 14, 2018

One of the most important industrial air compressor parts you can have as a part of your system is the air receiver, or tank. Because all air compressors operate under varying levels of demand (in accordance with what your facility requires of them), your compressor may need to work harder than usual at certain points in time. These instances of increased demand can, over time, become very taxing on a compressor or system, and this is where your air receivers will come in.




An air receiver will store two very important substances for your system: air and moisture. Its primary function, however, will be to act as a storage unit for additional compressed air that can be used to meet higher-than-typical demands without straining any part of your compressor system. Also of importance is that the air within the tank is passively cooled down, which allows the tank to collect moisture for easy removal before it can cause any damage to the system itself.

These industrial air compressor parts are not strictly necessary for your compression system, but they are extremely close — without this buffer, your compressors will almost certainly experience a drastically reduced lifespan from overworking on a regular basis.

Air Energy always has a number of air receivers, along with many other useful industrial air compressor parts, handy for the air compressors we supply, including for Quincy models. When you purchase an air compressor from us, you can rest assured that an accompanying air receiver is nearby and available for your facility. Feel free to reach out to us at any point to learn more about our available stock, and to find the ideal match for your existing system.

Love this! Short and sweet blog about air receivers.
Posted by: Jaylin | April 18, 2019, 1:33 pm
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