Why Your Compressor Needs Condensate Management Accessories
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Why Your Compressor Needs Condensate Management Accessories
Why Your Compressor Needs Condensate Management Accessories
May 09, 2019

Condensate is a by-product of compressed air production—it is the result of filtering out moisture and contaminants from surrounding air. The condensate from an air compressor contains a mixture that can consist of condensed water vapour, hydrocarbons, lubricant, sulphur dioxide and metals such as copper, lead and iron. As condensate can contain harmful substances, it needs to be managed and disposed of appropriately. The right industrial air compressor accessories, such as condensate drains, separators and purifiers, can help to remove and dispose of this condensate safely.


Increasing the Longevity of Your Compressor System

Compressor condensate is partially composed of oil (trace amounts can be found even in oil-free systems), which contains high concentrations of sulphur dioxide and heavy metals. Due to the presence of these components, condensate is acidic (pH value of 3-6). This acidic fluid needs to be removed from your compressor system to prevent corrosion and leaks. The best way to remove the oil in your compressor’s condensate is through specialized industrial air compressor accessories, such as an oil-water separator. Outfitting your compressor with a condensate management accessory will ensure that harmful substances in condensate won’t collect in the piping of your compressor and reduce its operational capacity.


Cost-Effective Disposal

One option for condensate disposal is having a third-party company collect your compressor’s condensate for you. This, however, costs more than investing in the appropriate industrial air compressor accessories for condensate management. A zero-loss condensate drain can optimize efficiency in the filtering process, as it filters condensate without removing compressed air from the system.  


In addition to the direct benefits condensate management accessories provide, they are also helpful for complying with condensate disposal regulations—and avoiding heavy fines. Condensate has been deemed a “chemically aggressive” fluid, and must be disposed of according to protocols to prevent contamination of public water systems. Depending on where you live, there may be regulations requiring you to have condensate drainage points in your compressor system that feed into an oil-water separator before discharge.


At Air Energy Group, we offer industrial air compressor accessories in addition to compressed air systems. Our inventory of accessories includes condensate drains, vertical and horizontal tanks and air dryers. Our experienced staff can assist you with determining the best accessories to optimize your compressor’s capabilities. Contact us today for all of your air compressor needs!

Thanks for writing this! Condensate disposal is definitely a very important aspect of compressor maintenance.
Posted by: John | May 17, 2019, 7:30 am
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