The Quincy Climate Control Series
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The Quincy Climate Control Series
The Quincy Climate Control Series
July 04, 2019




Compressor efficiency is essential for the HVAC industry to ensure that the air produced is safe to breathe—this air needs to be clean, dry and contain only very low levels of oil (<2 ppm). Every cubic foot of ambient air contains nearly 5.5 million contaminant particles, and these contaminants have a negative impact on a compressor’s performance. As such, climate control compressors need effective air treatment systems to eliminate contaminants before they reach HVAC controls.


Quincy air compressors are engineered with safety and efficiency in mind. Our inventory includes Quincy’s Climate Control Series of compressors, designed specifically for the HVAC industry. Here are some of the features of a Quincy climate control compressor:


  • Cast-iron cylinders, crankcase, crankshaft and flywheel
  • ASME-coded and CRN-registered receiver tank
  • High efficiency intercooler
  • Intake filter/silencer
  • Factory-certified oil carryover of 2 ppm or less
  • Beveled gap piston rings


Compressor Unit Options

With any Quincy Compressor, you can be sure that you are working with a state-of-the-art piece of equipment for your applications. The Quincy Climate Control Series consists of a range of compressor units that are available in a variety of configurations and a wide horsepower range (0.5 to 15 HP) to suit your needs. Options include simplex and duplex configurations and a base or tank mount. Here is a complete list of the types of Quincy air compressors in the Climate Control Series:


  • Simplex splash lubricated base-mount compressor
  • Duplex splash lubricated base-mount compressor
  • Simplex splash lubricated tank-mount compressor
  • Duplex splash lubricated tank-mount compressor
  • Simplex pressure lubricated base-mount compressor
  • Duplex pressure lubricated base-mount compressor
  • Simplex pressure lubricated tank-mount compressor
  • Duplex pressure lubricated tank-mount compressor


At Air Energy, we have been supplying our customers with quality industrial air compressors, parts and accessories for over three decades. We have partnered with reputable manufacturers, such as Quincy Compressor, to offer our customers the best compressor equipment 

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