The Ultimate Guide to Desiccant Air Dryers
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The Ultimate Guide to Desiccant Air Dryers
The Ultimate Guide to Desiccant Air Dryers
August 20, 2019

Having high-quality industrial air compressor accessories can directly impact your bottom-line through improved efficiency. An example of a useful accessory is air dryers, which are basically condensate management systems.

Condensate comes as an unfortunate by-product of the regular use of a compressor, formed via the combination of ambient moisture, hydrocarbons, compressor lubricant, and particulate matter. This condensate has the potential to wreak havoc on compressed air systems by causing obstructions, rusting, and reduced air compression efficiency.


Desiccant air dryers are so named due to their use of desiccants, which work as a drying agent thanks to their hygroscopic properties. Hygroscopic refers to the ability and tendency of a substance to absorb moisture from the air. One such example of a hygroscopic substance is activated alumina – a desiccant seen in the Quincy QHD Regenerative Dyer series. By reducing condensation and the problems that come with it, activated alumina facilitates high uniformity of particle size, higher efficiency of available surface area, reduced dusting (due to the low abrasion that occurs during tower depressurization or loading), reduced pressure drop, and extended lifespan in regenerative drying systems.

A process known as adsorption is the cornerstone of how a desiccant such as activated alumina operates: the water molecules in the air become stuck to the alumina and remain trapped so that the air that passes through can remain dry.

Releasing this trapped water is equally important, and is achieved through a process called regeneration. Regeneration is conducted differently depending upon the type of dryer used:

Heatless dryers – regenerates using a small percentage of dried compressed air

Heated Purge dryers – regenerates using an even smaller percentage of dried compressed air in combination with heat

Blower Purge dryers – regenerates with the assistance of heat with forced ambient air

It is important to note that desiccant dryers have the capacity to deliver air at low dew points (typically ≤-40°F) – making them an optimal choice to consider should the compressed air be utilized in freezing conditions.


Our team at Air Energy Group LLC specializes in all things to do with industrial air compressor accessories. We can help you discuss your options for accessories that can lead to significant improvements in the efficiency and quality of your processes, reducing your energy consumption, removing the need for frequent repair costs, and keeping your output schedule consistent. As a partner with esteemed manufacturers like Quincy Compressor, we can provide our customers with the best industrial air compressor accessories and equipment.

So cool how these things work!
Posted by: Mitchell | August 26, 2019, 8:52 am
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