Industrial Air Compressor Technology Throughout the Ages
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Industrial Air Compressor Technology Throughout the Ages
Industrial Air Compressor Technology Throughout the Ages
September 18, 2019

Since the earliest days of human invention and innovation, it has been evident that air pressure plays a significant role in production. Of course, ancient civilizations did not have the industrial air compressor technology that we have today, and relied instead on more primitive tools to get the job done.

One such example is that of hand-operated bellows. Its earliest use has been traced back to ancient Egypt, where the power of compressed air pressure was needed in order to aid in the production of precious metals.




Many innovations followed after, including the introduction of foot-operated bellows, but no period of innovation was as important to industrial air compressor technology as the Industrial Revolution. During this time, vacuum pumps were invented, eventually leading to the invention of the earliest type of industrial air compressor, which was steam-powered.

As society’s need for stronger and more reliable power sources for industrial and manufacturing purposes increased, the design of industrial air compressors became more and more sophisticated until they essentially became indispensable to major construction projects by powering pneumatic tools throughout the late 1800s.

By the time the 20th century rolled around, industrial air compressor use was at its peak, powering the burgeoning automobile and flight industries, and churned on by the necessity of military production. As cities began to rapidly expand and modernize, industrial air compressors once again proved invaluable to construction efforts for large-scale buildings and skyscrapers.

By the middle of the century, North America was experiencing a rejuvenating period of prosperity following the wars. Inventors and manufacturers began turning their attention towards how they can improve the daily lives of American families and homes, thus turning out a slew of modern appliances and electronic devices for the home. The complex parts assembly of these intricate inventions required the assistance of compressed air and pneumatic tools.

Not only that, the mass production of processed foods was now a booming industry, and industrial air compressor technology played a significant role in the sterilization, sanitation, packaging, and assembly processes.




At Air Energy Group, LLC, we hope to continue seeing industrial air compressor technology make great strides and contribute towards the growth of human society.

So interesting!
Posted by: Joceline | September 25, 2019, 9:36 am
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