3 Accessories to Address the Issue of Contaminants in Compressed Air
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3 Accessories to Address the Issue of Contaminants in Compressed Air
3 Accessories to Address the Issue of Contaminants in Compressed Air
November 14, 2019

One of the more concerning issues when it comes to compressed air is the impact of contaminants. Sometimes, industrial air compressor systems can generate their own contaminants, such as water vapour and oil particles from the lubricants used in the compressor. Other times, micro-organisms and particles such as dust can also enter the system and cause contamination.

Manufacturers of industrial air compressor systems are aware of this, and as such have created a good number of highly specialized accessories to help facility operators combat the problem.


Filters are absolutely crucial in maintaining the performance of an industrial air compressor system. The most common problem with filters is that facility operators sometimes neglect to have them checked and replaced. Having a regular maintenance program can help you avoid this. Another thing to note about filters is that they are primarily used to separate oil from the air, and will not work well in the presence of moisture.


When it comes to separating moisture from compressed air, water separators better suited for the job. If sized correctly for the industrial air compressor that it is working with, a water separator can achieve up to 90% of efficiency, dramatically reducing the amount of condensation in compressed air.


There is also an accessory for reducing the amount of water content in general in your industrial air compressor. Generally, after-coolers and water separators should be used together for maximum effect. After-coolers work by reducing the temperature of the compressor after compression in order to curb the buildup of water content, as high heat mixed with air will generate water.

Overall, these three products are the most basic accessories needed in order for your industrial air compressor system to be clean and healthy. There are more in-depth solutions, especially for medical applications, wherein the filtration and purification processes are much more vigorous. Should you need more information about industrial air compressor accessories, don’t hesitate to contact Air Energy Group, LLC.

Glad I can rely on your advice on industrial air compressor issues!
Posted by: Sally | November 18, 2019, 12:03 pm
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