Understanding the Severity of Air Leaks
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Understanding the Severity of Air Leaks
Understanding the Severity of Air Leaks
January 07, 2020

One of the main issues encountered by industrial air compressors is air leaks. Leaks can lead to a host of other problems, starting with air compressor inefficiency and potentially causing long-term damage. The only way to properly deal with this issue is to detect potential leaks early on and keep your air compressor well-maintained.


The Consequences of Air Leaks


Having a leak means that your air compressor is losing the air that it needs for compression and as such is forced to cycle more frequently in order to make up for the loss and generate the power it needs.


An immediate consequence is that your air compressor will not perform optimally, thus resulting in less productivity and increased costs. Current projections place the loss of output at about 30%. A more long-term side effect comes from the frequent cycling of the air compressor, which can cause the air compressor to overheat or degrade quickly.


Common Air Leak Locations


Naturally, the parts of industrial air compressors most likely to experience air leaks are its most vulnerable parts, where joining and sealing mechanisms are in place. Loose seals and corroded joints are the number one cause for air leaks.


This is illuminating because it shows that the simple act of replacing an inexpensive part could have mitigated so many losses in terms of productivity and energy costs. Frequent and thorough maintenance will not only help you determine if parts need replacing, it will also check up on factors like lubrication, which is meant to help prevent corrosion.


The Benefits of an Energy Efficiency Analysis


When it comes to combatting air leaks in industrial air compressors, it is important to stay ahead of the game. Air Energy Group, LLC has devised a program to help facilities do just that. Our Energy Efficiency Analysis is a free checkup service that evaluates the overall efficiency of your compressed air system. Not only will this help you detect potential air leaks, this will also bring to light any other issues that can be fixed in regards to improving your efficiency.


At the end of the day, a scheduled and thorough maintenance program is the key to having healthy industrial air compressors. Without this first step, everything else you try to do to mitigate the problem will become a matter of damage control instead of damage prevention. When it comes to your machinery and equipment, make sure you give them the best care by utilizing preventative maintenance.

Gotta make sure your industrial air compressors are well-maintained!
Posted by: Holly | January 14, 2020, 8:57 am
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