Overheating air compressors – getting to the bottom of it
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Overheating air compressors – getting to the bottom of it
Overheating air compressors – getting to the bottom of it
February 10, 2020

Too often is it the case that a facility seeks ways of masking the symptoms of an overheated industrial air compressor when, instead, they should be looking to get to the root of the issue, i.e. thwarting overheating from even initiating.




With that being said, let’s bring to light a couple of commonplace issues worksites find themselves guilty of that set their air compressor system up for inevitable failure:


Not making ventilation the top priority

Your industrial air compressor works hot - it therefore comes as no surprise that alleviating the stress associated with these spikes in temperature is best served by focusing on internal and external ventilation solutions. For starters, you’ll want every vent inspected to see if they can stay the course with the day-to-day operations of the machinery. If, following the inspection, the results come back insufficient then air compressor maintenance services, much like those provided by Air Energy, can replace and tailor ventilations specifications to your system needs.


Often times, it helps to also evaluate the area in which your machinery is operating in. For instance, certain areas of a facility can be warmer than others and/or have poor ventilation – should this be the case, a simple relocation to an area with adequate airflow can better a bad situation.


Not spot-checking oil levels and filter quality

An industrial air compressor that is reliant on the use of oil for its operations should have said oil maintained to a certain standard. There is no better method of ensuring oil quality than by frequent servicing of your machinery; for example, oil that is not viscous can be a dead giveaway that your system may be running too hot. It is recommended that filtration be inspected when servicing the oil as they have a symbiotic relationship.


Your gateway to success starts with air compressor servicers

The long and short of it, when it comes to an industrial air compressor, is that optimal output is synonymous with the reputation of servicer you choose to work with. With a pedigree dating back >30 years, we at Air Energy are more than equipped with the technicians and specialists to deconstruct the air compressor issues at hand, whether they be internal or external in nature, and rectify them so that your system goes on to serve you for years to come.

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