Metrics to keep at hand when selecting an industrial air compressor
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Metrics to keep at hand when selecting an industrial air compressor
Metrics to keep at hand when selecting an industrial air compressor
March 25, 2020

It'd be no exaggeration in saying that you'd face challenges in finding an industrial sector not reliant on the function of an industrial air compressor.




While a safe choice, a unit more in line with your specific usage can net you significant increases in service life, savings on utility expenses, and minimising equipment wear and tear repairs. Fortunate enough, sourcing the right unit for your business doesn't have to be a chore once you prioritise your metrics.



No matter if you’re a small assembly factory or a high-tech mass-production company, your equipment’s overall cubic feet per minute (CFM) requirement is the one metric that determines unit efficiency for your work environment. Calculating your overall CFM requirement involves the summation of the CFM of all the tools your business uses at once, with an additional allowance of 30% factored in. We cannot underscore the importance of this evaluation enough; qualified and experienced technicians from AirEnergy can help you calculate CFM totals on an hourly basis for optimal results.



It may seem insignificant for complex machinery like an industrial air compressor, but air hoses bridge the compressed air to your tools and make sure their pressure quality is consistent. When buying a new unit, always keep the hose’s diameter and length in mind. Don’t spend less on your air hoses if your need for long, flexible, and highly-durable hoses is essential to your daily operations.



You’ve checked out everything you need and the business has evaluated the costs for a unit with the right CFM and air hose length. You're not done just yet, however. Now it’s crucial to consider post-sales support from both the supplier and the product manufacturer. Ask them about technical help availability in case you encounter problems and if any warranties are in place.



You need an industrial air compressor that can provide the necessary energy for all your tools and equipment on a regular basis. With CFM requirements, features, and post-sales support in check, you're well on the way to maximising your unit’s features. 

If you want to find the best industrial air compressor units around, you can count on AirEnergy. Everything from unit variety, pre and post-sale service, installations and maintenance, and a whole lot more start with us

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