5 Things to Consider when looking for a Industrial Air Compressor Rental Unit
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5 Things to Consider when looking for a Industrial Air Compressor Rental Unit
5 Things to Consider when looking for a Industrial Air Compressor Rental Unit
April 29, 2020

It’s not hard looking for an industrial air compressor rental, as long as you know what to look for. A quick search engine query reveals a great number of services that supply air compressors. Unfortunately, not all of them guarantee quality despite their claims, so it’s important to know what to check for before renting. 

Here are five things to consider when finding the perfect rental air compressor:


Well-maintained industrial air compressor rental units operate with adequate humming volumes. If there are unusual loud noises and screeches, it might be an indication of poor lubrication and maintenance, meaning that the unit might not deliver the performance you were hoping for. 


Exposure to consistent air pressure can make industrial air compressor rental unit valves problematic over time -- unless it receives daily checks. If the prospective rental unit has a valve that closes and opens without any issues, then it's a unit you can consider renting.


Increase in pressure will increase air temperature inside air compressors, especially with prolonged usage. Technicians from reliable air compressor rental companies such as Air Energy always make sure the air temperature does not exceed the unit's limit.


In line with air temperature, compression levels must always be consistent. In doing so, the unit can deliver consistent PSI to all pneumatic tools and equipment you need. Poor pressure is the result of leakage, which technicians can prevent with consistent checks and maintenance.


When your air compressor light dims upon startup due to electrical inrush, it's a sign that the starter capacitors are starting to wear down. It's the rental unit provider's job to make sure they check these capacitors for replacement and ensure the unit is still working consistently.


If you have yet to find a reliable air compressor rental company to work with, Air Energy can provide you with some of the best and well-maintained units in the market. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can do for you.

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