Dealing with Excess Noise Associated with Your Air Compressor System
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Dealing with Excess Noise Associated with Your Air Compressor System
Dealing with Excess Noise Associated with Your Air Compressor System
June 04, 2020

There’s no questioning the utility of industrial air compressors when it comes to conducting day-to-day facility operations. One of the more unfortunate aspects of working with an air compressor system is noise pollution. Noise pollution is an annoying or potentially harmful level of noise from industrial operations.  




What are the negative impacts of excess noise?


Excessive noise can take a toll on your workers' health and overall productivity. Long-term exposure to excessive noise can damage hearing. Often, this occurs gradually and relatively painlessly. People often do not realize the deterioration of their hearing until the damage is already done. The damage associated with exposure to excessive noise will vary and can depend on a myriad of factors including how loud the noise is and how long you were exposed to it. 


Some who are regularly exposed to excess noise will develop tinnitus - a perceived ringing noise in the ears. Often it is symptomatic of an underlying hearing loss issue. Other negative health effects associated with constant exposure to excess noise include headaches, increased blood pressure, fatigue, irritability, issues with digestion, and an increased likelihood of developing colds and other minor infections.


What can I do to limit exposure to excessive noise?


There are a few steps you can take to reduce your workers' exposure to excessive noise. One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to address excessive noise is to encourage the use of ear plugs. Ear plugs muffle out excess noise, and should be worn once the industrial air compressor system is in operation. 


Another option is to use sound blankets. Like ear plugs, sound blankets muffle out excessive noise that emanates from your industrial air compressor system. You can use sound blankets to wrap around the exterior of a soundproofed room, or around the enclosure of your system to reduce noise. An important consideration however is if your compressor system is gas-driven. If it is, it will produce exhaust which can get trapped under sound blanket enclosures. Finding a suitable way to remove and dispose of the exhaust will also be paramount to ensuring the safety of your workers.


Finally, you may want to opt for soundproofing the entire room or enclosure of your industrial air compressor system. This is a more difficult task to take on, and will largely depend on the layout and space of your room and enclosure. If sound proofing is feasible for your facility then foam boards will assist in muffling out excessive noise. 


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