The Varying Frequencies of When Air Compressors Should Be Serviced
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The Varying Frequencies of When Air Compressors Should Be Serviced
The Varying Frequencies of When Air Compressors Should Be Serviced
September 22, 2020

If you are wondering how frequently you will need an industrial air compressor service, there is no simple answer to this question as it depends on many factors. To begin with, you can start to create a maintenance schedule according to the type of compressor you use. Considering things such as installation conditions and usage frequency could help you to match the maintenance schedule to your specific situation. While you may prefer to ignore the routine maintenance until some parts of your compressor system failed, it is recommended that you give more attention to preventative maintenance that can prevent you from experiencing serious system breakdown.


How do you know its time for some maintenance?


In terms of routine maintenance tasks, they are usually scheduled at varying intervals, ranging from daily to at least once every year or two years. Each of the industrial air compressor service tasks applies to specific types of the compressor. It means you only have to refer to the maintenance task that fits your system. Here are those different tasks occurring at varying intervals. 

Daily - this routine maintenance involves checking the dryer system, checking the fluid or lubricant levels, draining the receiver tank, and inspecting for any leaks and other issues.

Weekly - it refers to tasks like looking for leaks in the hoses and the machine itself, cleaning the equipment and the surfaces of the cooling system, and cleaning the air intake filter.

Monthly - monthly industrial air compressor service entails cleaning out the aftercooler and cooler fins, inspecting the belt tension, and servicing the air filter.

Quarterly - this routine maintenance involves changing out the lubricant, inspecting oil filters and changing them if necessary, and checking the torque on the screws and nuts and noting them down.

Biannually - this task means cleaning the entire equipment system including the strainer screen and crankcase, changing the synthetic lubricant, and taking some fluid samples to determine if it needs to be changed.

Annually - this industrial air compressor service is recommended for all types of compressors, regardless of how frequently they are being used. It includes ensuring that the safety shutdown is functional, lubricating the motors, and testing safety valves. 


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