Three Quincy Air Compressor repair plans that you need to know about
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Three Quincy Air Compressor repair plans that you need to know about
Three Quincy Air Compressor repair plans that you need to know about
October 05, 2020

Quincy has been in the business of engineering solutions since 1920 and has, over the years, built a solid reputation in the industry as a supplier of ruggedly efficient air compressors and a variety of control, accessory and air treatment options. Along with their reputable products, customers can expect Quincy air compressor repair and after-sales service that is built around the customers’ needs and wants.


There are three essential repair plans offered by Quincy to all its customers. Each comes with its own unique features that are customized to offer high quality service at great value. The plans are referred to as Guardian plans and each plan addresses an aspect of services that are important to the proper functioning and maintenance of Quincy air compressors. These include parts, warranty and a maintenance schedule at fixed costs.


The Parts Plan

This plan covers all necessary parts at a predetermined cost. It helps customers plan maintenance on time, thereby reducing the chance of a costly breakdown. It allows customers to lock down prices offered today, to be used later, should prices change in the future.


The Preventative Maintenance Plan

This plan offers machine inspections, a detailed report with preventative care on all parts. It covers all labour and travel costs as well. It offers scheduled visits and ordering of parts with shipping included. Customers who opt for this Quincy air compressor repair plan are given priority service.


The Complete Care Plan

This all-encompassing care package includes all the features of the previous two plans but also has a few more benefits including bumper to bumper warranty, a thorough breakdown of parts, lubricants, mileage, labour and travel, reliable product updates and remote monitoring through emails and texts.


Quincy air compressor repair plans are the highly recommended for any organization that deals with air compressors and Air Energy Group LLC offers Quincy air compression products and services for any and all your industrial needs.

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