The Various Types Of Cooling Systems For Air Compressors
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The Various Types Of Cooling Systems For Air Compressors
The Various Types Of Cooling Systems For Air Compressors
November 20, 2020

It’s true that air compressor maintenance might not constitute a huge portion of your annual expenses, unlike energy consumption that takes a larger share of your overall budget. However, don’t forget about the importance of having a strict maintenance program for your Quincy air compressors. It must have a detailed and clear outline that considers all the vital factors that can affect your compressor’s maintenance program. While it includes multiple things, your machine’s cooling system plays a very important role in your maintenance schedule. With that in mind, it helps to be aware of and understand the various cooling systems that you might have.


Liquid cooling system

Big Quincy air compressors are usually equipped with this kind of cooling system. The entire compressor system is typically cooled down by a coolant circulating throughout the system. Fortunately, this system needs very low maintenance. 


Liquid-to-liquid heat exchange system

This type of air compressor cooling system is used on a rotary screw unit. It is called a liquid-to-liquid heat exchange system because the liquid coolant and the oil used during the compression come into contact. It happens either in a plate heat exchanger or a special shell and tube exchanger. While it requires less maintenance, leaks can be a common problem.


Air-to-liquid heat exchange system

This cooling system is commonly found in rotary screw compressors and utilizes cool air to bring down the temperature of the oil as the compressor is running. In general, it requires occasional maintenance, particularly on some parts of Quincy air compressors such as motor-driven fans and drives. 


Natural air convection

If your air compressors are cooled down with this system, then there are just some cooling fins that are fanning out the hot air produced by the compression process. The hot air is then being dispersed in the space inside the room where your compressor is installed. It needs very low maintenance. However, the environment would be warmer for your workers and other equipment inside the room or facility.

Quincy is a brand that is highly recommended for any organization that deals with air compressors, and Air Energy Group LLC is a reliable distributor that has an experienced team of specialists. Contact us today for more information on compatible compressors for your business.
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