A Safety Reminder When Using Industrial Air Compressors
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A Safety Reminder When Using Industrial Air Compressors
A Safety Reminder When Using Industrial Air Compressors
December 01, 2020

Equipment and machinery-related injuries are one of the top 3 occupational hazards in the United States. Often caused by accidents and misuse, companies encourage proper workplace training and certifications to increase awareness of hazards around the work environment. Industrial air compressors can be as dangerous without safety precautions and the knowledge of the proper application.


Here are some reminders for you to stay safe when using industrial air compressors.


Safety Checklist

Performing maintenance on your machinery is key to safety. Always check your equipment before using it on the job. Air compressors have moving parts that allow for it to run with consistent airflow for maximum power and efficiency. Make sure the machine is clean and lubricated with the right lubricants and prevent rust whenever possible. Finally, report any mechanical failures or issues with the equipment for repair.



The ideal place for your equipment should always be dry to prevent electrical shock. A proper extension cable should always be used so that it can operate without loss of power.


Pressurised Air and Flying Debris

Used incorrectly, some air compressors with pressure as low as even 15 PSI can cause serious injuries. Industrial air compressors can reach up to about 175 PSI. With the amount of pressure built up, air can push and scatter debris and particles, which may cause cuts and scratches. Appropriate eye-protection and safety precautions for your body should be taken when operating an air compressor.


Noise and Fumes

You will often find that using a compressor in an outdoor environment is ideal for your project. The noise caused by an air compressor can cause hearing loss, which is why proper ear-protection should be worn. Fumes can also be produced by some machines which make working outside or in a well-ventilated space preferred.

With proper training and safety precautions in place, air compressors can be highly efficient and beneficial to your business. Air Energy Group LLC has in stock a wide selection of products including Quincy air compressors suitable for a variety of projects. Contact us today to learn more about our products.

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