3 Misconceptions About Industrial Air Compressors
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3 Misconceptions About Industrial Air Compressors
January 22, 2021

Industrial air compressors are extremely powerful machines that have been used for many years. With air compressors, many industries have changed the way day-to-day operations are completed, increasing project efficiency and productivity. These machines can often be found used in packaging, construction, material processing, and many more. Any industry that requires the use of pneumatic tools, will often have an air compressor.


Although easy to use in most cases, there are still some misconceptions that may lead operators to misuse their compressed air unit.


Air Compressors Can Be Used to Clean

Although true to a certain degree, this is still a misconception. Industrial air compressors cannot provide suction, but instead, produce high-pressure air to send outwards for different industrial applications. A tool or accessory can be attached to the nozzle of the compressor to further concentrate the outward force of the air in a more precise direction. This misconception can be dangerous to the operator as well as others in close proximity as the concentrated air pressure is able to blow tiny dust particles with a significant amount of force.


Larger Pipes and Hoses Equal More Storage

In order for industrial air compressors to deliver consistent PSIs, different components must match the machine’s specifications. In this case, bigger does not always mean better. Smaller compressed air systems will operate best with narrower airways as the machine can only produce so much air at a low rate considering the amount of power the machine is limited to. If you are looking to add additional storage to your air compressor, consider installing a larger receiver tank, instead of increasing the size of the pipe lines.


Increase the Air Pressure at Low Compression Rate

Depending on the size of your industrial air compressor, it may require more time to generate air before reaching the desired compression rate. Increasing the amount of air pressure will not immediately solve this issue. In fact, over pressurizing your machine may cause more damage to your machine. If you discover that your machine is operating with a lower compression than before, it may be wise to seek help from an industrial compressor repair service.


Air Energy Group LLC is a provider of high-quality air compressor services, parts, and Quincy air compressors. Contact us today to learn more!

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