Repairing Industrial Compressors in Rhode Island
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Repairing Industrial Compressors in Rhode Island
March 11, 2021

While there are types that run much quieter than the rest, most air compressors produce a distinct sound due to their design. In today’s post, let’s found out what causes them to generate such an identifiable sound and when it’s time to call for repair services for your industrial compressor in Rhode Island.




The Nature of their Design


What makes an air compressor noisy? Air compressors are made up of many metal parts that slide and hit each other as they perform each their functions. The friction created then produces the distinct noise we hear. Air intake and exhaust also cause noise. 


The motor used in the air compressor is another source of its loud noise.  Gas-powered compressors create combustion and have many moving metal parts. As such, they tend to be louder than electric compressors.


Some air compressors function quietly


Reciprocating air compressors are some of the louder compressors. They can produce sounds of up to 85 decibels, which can be harmful to anyone exposed to them.


Air compressors like these are recommended in an isolated workspace with noise barriers.  Also, if applicable, they can be operated outdoors.


However, not all air compressors are deafening. Some industrial air compressors are engineered to produce as little as 64db.


For instance, rotary screw compressors have soundproof enclosures making them generally quieter.  They only produce sound levels of 70 to 75 decibels at their loudest.


What you can do


You can employ noise reduction methods to ensure your workplace is a healthy place for your employees, clients, and guests.


One way is to keep distance between the air compressor and the workstation. Also, if applicable, locate your industrial compressor in Rhode Island away from the workplace. Wearing earplugs provide additional protection when working near the air compressor as well.


When to seek industrial air compressor repair


Any changes of sound coming from your air compressor could mean another problem. For instance, a loud hissing sound from your air compressor could be a sign of excessive pressure. This particular problem requires servicing immediately. Remember that too much pressure puts stress on all the components of your system and could result in leaks.


Has your air compressor become louder than normal?  Air Energy offers repair services for industrial compressors in Rhode Island. Call us today and we can provide an assessment of your industrial compressor.


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