Elements to Consider when Choosing an Industrial Air Compressor
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Elements to Consider when Choosing an Industrial Air Compressor
March 25, 2021

Are you considering to purchase industrial air compressor for your industrial processes? If so, then one of the primary concerns you have to keep in mind is to work with a reputable company that specializes in industrial air compressors and how they work. You need the right machines and the best parts and accessories to fit your applications, and a professional supplier will be able to help you make the best decisions.




Amount of compressed air

If your application has high PSI requirements, then a bigger air compressor tank would be a better option as it can give you more compressed air while still enabling the machine to perform without breaking down. When it comes to your air compressor accessories, make sure they can also provide the same level of PSI so as not to compromise the whole operation. They have to be able to deliver enough power to your pneumatic tools and be able to catch up with consistent and short bursts of compressed air.


The required strength

The strength of an air compressor typically refers to the volume of air they can deliver at a specific pressure. In many cases, the relationship between volume and pressure is inverse. It means that when the volume increases, the pressure goes down, and vice versa. This right strength can be determined by calculating the compressed air delivered in CFM while comparing it to PSI.


The issue with sound

The most common misconceptions surrounding excessive vibrations and noise is that accessories from a different manufacturer may cause noise problems due to being a poor fit. However, that is totally true. While it is always a plus to use accessories made by the same manufacturer, any original part should have the same level of quality. As long as the fit is correct and the part being used is appropriate for your machine, you should not have problems. This is where it becomes crucial to consult with your industrial air compressor service provider to find the right parts for your machine.


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