Understanding Maintenance Schedules for Industrial Air Compressors
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Understanding Maintenance Schedules for Industrial Air Compressors
April 08, 2021

Industrial air compressors require regular maintenance. Truthfully, a high-tier compressor brand will need less maintenance than others. Most air compressors work well with yearly maintenance, but maintenance requirements will depend on different situations. If your machine frequently sees trouble, the answer might be added inspection and maintenance schedules.





All businesses want to maximize their industrial air compressors’ productivity. If perfectly done within manufacturer limits, they can achieve exceptional productivity without sacrificing their compressors. However, finding that "sweet spot" can sometimes be challenging because your employees can overly strain the unit.



A work environment filled with high debris levels will cause industrial air compressors to shut down frequently. Doing so results in troublesome performance and potential machine damage due to internal corrosion or blockages. A heavy-debris environment is a solid argument to have air compressor maintenance more than once per year.



You can use various filters to prevent dust infiltration. However, you'll want to have filters with a balance of proper airflow and dust removal. Leaning towards better airflow risks the accumulation of more debris inside your machines. On the other hand, you may lose some air pressure with high MERV filters, so consult with a technical team about low-maintenance but high-performance filters.



Even the best air compressors can experience performance issues after decades of maximized operations. Compressor maintenance can do much to prevent this from happening, but it cannot always extend your unit's lifespan. Inspections allow professional teams to assess and provide you a birds-eye-view of your compressor's actual situation and the best actions to take.



If you have yet to find a dependable air compressor maintenance team, you can always count on us at Air Energy. Contact us today to learn more about our repair and maintenance services!


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