Different Air Compressor Types to Choose From
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Different Air Compressor Types to Choose From
April 15, 2021

Industrial air compressors are machines that convert power into energy through the use of compressed air. Once this pressurized air is released, it becomes kinetic energy that can be utilized for different purposes such as pneumatic equipment activation as well as air transfers like filling tires and cleaning operations. These machines are also made to work with various tool attachments and electric air tools such as air sanders, nail guns, and sandblasters. They work in two major steps: the compression phase and the release operation phase.


Typically, the higher the horsepower the compressor is capable of, the more power is required of the air delivery. There are diverse methods of air compression which usually includes rotary screws, reciprocating piston, and centrifugal air compression.




In today’s blog, we will be going three types of lubricated rotary screw air compressors supplied by Air Energy.


Quincy QGV Series

The Quincy QGV Series comes in two types: the 40HP – 60HP model and the 75HP – 200HP model.

In a nutshell, the QGV Series is known for their stable pressure output. They are built with a direct drive air-end capable of 100,000 hours of stable work. If you need a reliable air compressor that can work in heavy duty environments, this is the machine for you.


Quincy QGS Series

The QGS is popular due to its economical price and wide range of uses. They also come in a range of options so that you can further customize their applications beyond those of their standard configuration. This model is available is a range of 5HP – 100HP. You can then further outfit this model with 100 and 150 PSI conversion kits and 60 gal. or 120 gal. horizontal tank mounted units.


Quincy QGD Series

Quincy’s QGD direct-drive rotary screw compressor offers a direct-drive air-end design, providing reliable compressed air under the most demanding conditions. The QGD is available in 40 and 50 HP models, with an ACFM ranging from 186 to 226. You also have the ability to outfit it with an optional integrated docking dryer system.


For more information on Air Energy’s air compressors, check out our website!

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