The Different Parts of a Quincy Air Compressor
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The Different Parts of a Quincy Air Compressor
July 19, 2016

At Air Energy we offer many different brands of air compressors, and among those brands is Quincy Air Compressors. We also sell parts for our air compressors, and can provide Quincy air compressor parts for those who own a Quincy air compressor. But before you go purchasing an air compressor, or any air compressor parts for that matter, it is crucial to know each of the individual parts, and what will need necessary maintenance and routine replacements.


  • The actuator is used for creating mechanical energy. It does this by converting compressed air into rotating or linear mechanical movement. These two types of movement classify the two types of actuators you can find, either linear or rotary.


  • Belts need to be checked regularly for wear, as they go through high stress in air compressors. They drive the machine and are crucial for its operations, so routine maintenance on them is necessary.


  • Bushings are used for leaving space between moving parts. Utilized as a part of the interior pieces within an air compressor, the bushings protect equipment from breaking down.

Connecting rods

  • Used to move the cylinder in the crankcase, the connecting rods handle a substantial workload. They are durable and can be long-lasting if routine maintenance is done on them.


  • Two helical rotors compress the incoming air via the valve. Proper maintenance for these rotors will make them last longer.


  • The metal shims provide support to the system upon its installation. While not necessarily a Quincy air compressor part, it is something to consider when looking at an air compressor to purchase.


These are essential components of the compressor. It regulates the airflow into the system, allowing air in and out. Special maintenance is important to prevent blockage and ensure a longer lifespan.


  • Springs are universal since every component of the machine uses it. Frequent replacement of the springs is a requirement to ensure the uptime of your air compressor.

Other parts (including Quincy air compressor parts) not mentioned:

  • O-Rings seal the air compression system, ensuring it works efficiently.
  • Piston Rings and Rods’ movement enables the reciprocating piston produces air pressure for pneumatic equipment.
Do you sell these parts?
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