3 Industrial Air Compressor Parts That You Need To Check
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3 Industrial Air Compressor Parts That You Need To Check
3 Industrial Air Compressor Parts That You Need To Check
January 23, 2018

Industrial air compressors are designed to perform well in harsh environments. You can run them continuously or at intervals as needed in your operation. Industrial air compressor parts are also made with very high durability in order to minimize repairs as much possible, but with sustained use any machine needs routine maintenance.

Regular checkups are needed for your industrial air compressor’s longevity and efficiency. That is why a routine checklist can come in handy for technicians so that compressors can be used and maintained without breakdowns.


Here are industrial air compressor parts that you need to check in order to anticipate eventual interruptions:


  • Check filters regularly. This is one of the most neglected parts of the air compressor. Because the compressor is still working, a filter is sometimes rescheduled to be replaced on the next maintenance to reduce costs. It will not be immediately noticed but when a filter starts to clog, the performance of the compressor also drops. You should check the filters of your air pressure regulators, drain line, control line, vacuum exhaust demisters, separators and silencers. Get stock filters from Air Energy to be assured of quality and reliable products.


  • Ensure that the valves of the compressors are working properly. The valves control the operation of the air compressor. When compressor valves get stuck or do not open or close based on their function, your industrial air compressor may suddenly stop. It may also build up pressure and damage your unit. Valves that you need to check are the pressure relief valves, vacuum ball valves, temperature regulating valves, check valves, drain valves, control valves and pilot valves.


  • Belts and pulleys should also be checked. You can examine a belt or pulley by visual inspection. If the exteriors of these parts are worn out, they need to be replaced. You can also see if your compressor needs new belts or pulley if they are loose or have stretched. Air Energy has belts and pulleys for different models and brands of compressors like Quincy, Kobelco, and Powerex among others. 
very impressed with the turn around on my parts!
Posted by: Tim | February 20, 2018, 9:18 am
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