The Secret Sauce Driving The Excellence Behind Quincy Air Compressor
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The Secret Sauce Driving The Excellence Behind Quincy Air Compressor
The Secret Sauce Driving The Excellence Behind Quincy Air Compressor
June 07, 2018

A Quincy air compressor is understood by many to be a reliable and high quality air compressor from one of the most well-known compressed air equipment makers in the world. But Quincy air compressor reputation comes not only from its quality products but the holistic approach it takes to making compressed air production as efficient, safe and dependable as possible.




Take for instance EQ: the Quincy efficient quotient which evaluates the efficiency of your entire compressed air system. Working off of a set of best practices, this award-winning system, and recognized across industries for effectively reducing energy consumption spent towards their compressed air requirements.


It should come as no surprise, really, that Quincy air compressor has such a penchant for distinctive ideas with real world benefit. Almost a 100 years old, the company was founded on the promise of innovation. Innovators in air compressor design, beginning of course with the reciprocating air compression system. Quincy air compressor has maintained its lead in the market through innovation in air compression ancillaries too.


Its efforts and resource prioritization towards quality engineering has meant sturdy, dependable products that perform as they claim to and do so efficiently. It is why Quincy air compressor has become the go-to name for industrial air compressors in high pressure production lines and smaller business alike.


Going by metrics alone, Quincy air compressor are so often the best choice available for your application. Let’s look at motor ratings: Quincy air compressor motors can be rated up to 10 times the lifespan of motors from competing service providers. Similarly, Quincy air compressor performance can be substantially higher rated in terms of air pressure (PSI) and air flow characteristics (CFM), as many in the market have discovered.


But it is the smaller but equally significant things that really point to the high quality of Quincy air compressor. Reduced service intervals save customers precious downtime and expense; high quality pressure tanks mean safer operation and longevity of the equipment; detailed engineering and thoughtful design ensures lesser moisture accumulation in the tank and piping, which reduces corrosion; and numerous other features that improve actual, real world performance.

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