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The Industry Standard: Quincy Air Compressors
The Industry Standard: Quincy Air Compressors
March 05, 2018

Among the various brands of compression products, Quincy air compressors have proven their reliability and efficiency in countless industries. Each unit is made from highest quality materials to ensure top performance for years. Most models have specific advantages for the diverse applications they are used for. In particular, the QGD and QGDV series were developed as the “best in class”, a design for serviceability, efficiency and dependability.


Quincy air compressors have key features which promote easy and simple maintenance as well as quick service to reduce labor costs and downtime. These include:


  • Boltless hinged doors (front and back) - this promotes ease of accessibility to all user-maintained parts, and heat exchangers can be serviced without removal.
  • Fast panel access to consumable components - this single panel offers instant access to consumables such as air filter, oil filter, separator element, oil fill location.
  • Large roof service access - this provides sufficient entry for easy maintenance through a removable roof panel.
  • Spin-on filters - this feature permits speedy oil and air filter changes with no need for tools and disassembly.


All these great innovations deliver premium efficiency for a low cost. Standard Quincy air compressors feature several key components such as upgraded controls, phase monitoring and pre-package air filtration. Some of these models include:


Quincy QGD 15-30 HP fixed speed drive rotary screw compressor

This unit is made for small to medium-sized industrial applications that require steady air generation in a small footprint design.


Quincy QGD 40-60 HP fixed speed drive rotary screw compressor

This model offers additional horsepower and are suitable for medium-sized applications that need steady air production.


Quincy QGDV 15-30 HP variable speed drive rotary screw compressor

These Quincy air compressors bring the benefit of variable speed gear drive for small industrial applications demanding fluctuating compressed air. They are up to 50% more energy efficient than their fixed speed drives versions offering an extensive flow range of 24%-100%, reducing compressor’s lifecycle costs by the average of about 37%. They also help removes peak current penalty at startup, eradicates wasted idling times, and reduces system leakage. Working together, these capabilities lower energy consumption throughout the compressor’s life. 


Air Energy provides a large inventory of Quincy air compressors – call or visit today to learn more!

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