Industrial Air Compressor Service and Maintenance Work
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Industrial Air Compressor Service and Maintenance Work
Industrial Air Compressor Service and Maintenance Work
January 02, 2018

While Air Energy proudly offers comprehensive, top quality industrial air compressor service, this is still something you’d probably rather avoid for as long as possible. When you do finally need to service your compressor, whether through our highly skilled team or your own general maintenance, you’ll want to ensure that you’ve taken a few basic steps to ensure your machine’s longevity first. An Air Energy compressor is an excellent piece of machinery, but it is benefited enormously from your own initiative and our professional servicing.






  • As a general precaution, make sure to lock open the machine’s electrical switch and tag it so it won’t be started on by mistake.
  • Prior to performing any industrial air compressor service or maintenance, including cleaning and lube work, all types of this equipment, whether stationary or portable, must be disconnected from the power outlet. This is a question of both safety and efficiency for yourself and your machine.
  • Any part which is exposed, even if it does not carry electric currents, should always be grounded.
  • When lubricating components, do not use oils with a low flash point. These lubricants can potentially ignite while the compressor is operating at a high temperature.
  • Lubrication of machine parts is extremely important for a long service life, but there is such a thing as over-lubrication; only use as much as is needed.


Whatever industry you’re using the machine for, your air compressor likely makes up a significant element of your production process. That’s why here at Air Energy, we do our best to provide you a wide range and reliable industrial air compressor service to help prolong the life of your valuable equipment. Our experienced team of professionals are always ready to maintain your systems and to repair any issues to keep your machine up and running smoothly in no time.    

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