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The Key Parts in an Industrial Air Compressor
The Key Parts in an Industrial Air Compressor
June 19, 2018

Air compressors are one of the most valued pieces of equipment in most industrial and assembly facilities. From the vehicles that people drive to the places they go to shop and dine, every bolt and finishing job is done by tools or machinery powered by an industrial air compressor.


Some are specially made for specific uses, but the following are the essential pieces and accessories in an industrial air compressor.


  • Hoses - they serve as the connection between the compressor itself and the pneumatic tool. They are available in rubber and nylon or other options such as PVC and polyurethane. For storage purposes, hose can be retractable, which is a straight hose that can be wound up around, and a recoil hose, which is equipped with bands to fold as needed. The strongest hoses usually consist of three layers with a weave layer for protection.  


  • Fittings and adaptors - the need for additional fittings depends on the type of application. New adaptors are necessary when you add a new tool in order to attach it to a pre-existing hose. An industrial air compressor works best if they match the pre-purchased hose, tools, or parts. Opt for anodized fittings, since they resist rust formation best.


  • Filters - various impurities can enter the machine during operation. Before the compressed air is delivered into the end tool, those impurities must be removed. Using filters that remove any unwanted particles such as moisture, oil, gases, ensures safety and power efficiency. Filters need to be replaced routinely and as required.


  • Air regulator - this prevents wasting compressed air by regulating the amount of air needed by certain tools. Some pneumatic tools require smaller levels of pressurized air while high-powered tools need more. With the use of an air regulator, compressed air is conserved during the entire application process. 


Other important industrial air compressor parts include a roll cage, airline lubricators, after-cooler, tool attachments, and more. Air Energy offers a wide range of compressors and parts from reputable manufacturers such as Quincy, Powerex and Kobelco. Our main goal is to provide you with the tools and knowledge to choose the right industrial air compressor to suit your needs.

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